Millwood Homes

Client: Millwood Designer Homes

  • RIBA Stages:
    • 4: Technical Design
    • 5: Construction
    • 6: Handover and Close Out

What we did

Millwood Designer Homes is an award-winning housebuilder who builds individually designed new homes throughout the South-East of England, from contemporary styled apartments to more traditional two and three storey homes in up to 20 unit developments.

A Millwood home typically has a traditional exterior design, using reclaimed materials, an impressive high level of specification, meticulous attention to every detail and Millwood's trademark quality of build.

Over the years, Adnitt Acoustics have worked on many Millwood development projects:

  • Assessing and measuring the sound insulation between houses, and between houses and apartments, to attain sound insulation levels above and beyond that required by building regulations;
  • Providing design advice, particularly on the details for separating walls to achieve a first time pass from the pre-completion sound insulation tests.

Acoustic features of this project

Whether Millwood are building a new property or converting an historic building:

  • High quality materials are always used;
  • Every property is individually designed and sympathetic to the local surroundings;
  • The quality of workmanship and attention to detail is always very high.

As a result, Millwood homes always have a very high first time sound insulation pass rate meeting, if not exceeding, the standards set out in:

  • Code for Sustainable Homes;
  • Building Regulations Approved Document E.

The project team

Main Contractor: Millwood Designer Homes
Acoustics: Adnitt Acoustics

Specific Considerations

  • Housebuilder’s above average standards
  • Meticulous attention to detail

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