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Student Accommodation


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Our role in the project

We provided commissioning measurements for both the student accommodation and hotel; both required internal ambient noise measurements and sound insulation testing. The hotel had the further requirements of reverberation time measurements and advice on the required sound insulation for the commercial units beneath.

The build was required to comply with both Unite and Maldron specifications and achieved BREEAM credits for the internal and external sound mitigation measures. These credits contributed to an overall project BREEAM rating of ‘Very Good’.

Specific considerations

Located in a particularly tight space in the centre of Newcastle, there was limited room within the development which presented us with a series of challenges. With a number of different clubs and pubs nearby, the performance of the façade was key to achieving an appropriate ambient noise level inside the accommodation.

Suitable attenuation was required on the mechanical plant equipment to achieve the planning conditions imposed by the local authority.

Internal sound insulation was required to achieve both the Building Regulation criteria and the operator’s criteria.

Acoustic features of this project

We resolved the challenges this project presented in a number of ways;

  • By specifying the correct glazing, external wall requirements and ventilation performance requirements, noise from the lively pubs and clubs in the centre of Newcastle were suitably controlled
  • Acoustic attenuators for the external mechanical plant equipment.
  • Recommended constructions to achieve the internal sound insulation requirements of the Building Regulations and the operators.
  • Recommendations for acoustic absorption. 

Through our swift and adaptable approach, we were able to undertake an initial noise impact assessment very quickly. With input from the start of the project through to the end, we provided good oversight of the project and were able to flag up potential issues when they arose. Noise from the external mechanical plant equipment was suitably controlled with acoustic attenuation, achieving the requirements of the local authority and BREEAM.

Sound insulation tests were undertaken at the end of the project to confirm the on-site performance achieved the requirements.

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