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Our acoustic design, testing and monitoring services span the entire construction process, from initial concept to completion and compliance.

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Survey checklist:
  • Sound Insulation
  • Span entire construction process
  • Initial concept to completion and compliance
Services / Surveys, Testing & Monitoring


Noise surveys are usually required as part of the planning application and licensing process.

This involves assessing the impact of noise and vibration from the surrounding environment on the building itself, as well as noise and vibration from the building into the surrounding environment.

A noise survey measures any noise and vibration sources that may impact a project or its surrounding environment. A noise survey can range from a few hours in length to several months or even years.

Noise and vibration sources within a project vary widely. We approach each project with a bespoke touch, taking into consideration the needs of both the LPA and client alongside offering a comprehensive range of services to cover all noise and vibration survey needs.

Adnitt Acoustics offer a range of noise survey services from the design and testing phase to construction and close-out. By working alongside the Local Planning Authority and the client, we are able to apply our expert industry knowledge and years of education and experience to all projects.


Almost every construction project requires some form of monitoring.

Monitoring allows the client, design and construction team, and Local Planning Authority, to measure a variety of factors related to design, construction, and close-out.

In almost all of the projects we are involved in, monitoring is used to measure effectiveness and outcomes. We have years of experience in providing a range of monitoring services, and our qualified engineersuse industry-leading equipment to doso.

We provide management plans, monitoring, and control measures, for a variety of acoustic challenges. From noise, vibration and dust impact to monitoring Noise at Work regulation compliance.

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