Sound insulation Testing

Sound insulation testing is a service we regularly provide for new residential and commercial developments.

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Why is Adnitt Acoustics is the best option for testing these boundaries?
  • We perform sound insulation in new residential and commercial developments
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Sound insulation Testing

Sound insulation testing is a legal requirement to comply with many different building regulations requirements. These include BB93: Building Bulletin 93 Acoustic Design of Schools (Education) and HTM08-01: Health Technical Memorandum 08:01 (Healthcare).

Testing is also required to prove compliance with Residential Building Regulations of the relevant country. The number of sound insulation tests required also varies according to country:

  • England and Wales: Approved Document E - one set of tests for every ten dwellings
  • Scotland: Section 5 of the Building Standards Technical Handbook 2016 - minimum testing rate is two tests of walls or floors for an individual pair of dwellings, increasing according to the type of construction
  • Northern Ireland: Technical Booklet G
  • Ireland: Technical Guidelines Document E Sound
  • Separate rates of testing are required in Ireland for ASDs (previously assessed sound details)/example constructions and ‘other constructions’

In the UK, sound insulation testers must be registered with one of two approved sound insulation testing authorities recognised by the government; either the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) or UKAS.

Both types of testing are often required to prove compliance with Building Regulations and other industry/client standards. There is some variation between the two types of testing.

Determining the actual rate of testing required, which sound insulation test values must be met, and the types of sound insulation required, is a complex and technical process even for experts. Involving Adnitt Acoustics to advise on and provide sound testing and air tightness testing helps take the headache out of meeting regulatory requirements.

We are an ANC Registered Testing Organisation for Part E sound insulation testing in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. All our technicians are registered to carry out sound insulation testing through the ANC for residential, school, university, and hospital projects, including BREEAM testing.

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