Noise surveys and environmental impact assessments

Noise surveys are usually required as part of the planning application and licensing process. Typically, this involves assessing the impact of noise and vibration.

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Adnitt Acoustics provides assemsement for noise and vibration:
  • For development sites near to existing noise sources such as roads, railways or air traffic routes;
  • From plant equipment such as air conditioning or extractor fans that will be installed near to existing residential property; or
  • From temporary or short-term activity such as construction noise, entertainment or sport uses.
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A Noise Survey can be short or long term, ranging from a few hours to several months or years.

An Environmental Impact Assessment may require a more detailed study to be carried out over an extended period of time. It may include environmental noise modelling of buildings, vehicles and fixed equipment and/or assessing the impact on sensitive property, open spaces and neighbourhoods.

How we can help

Our noise survey and environmental impact assessment services include:

  • Conducting a conditions survey to measure and assess the current acoustic conditions;
  • Conducting sound tests to achieve the relevant acoustic credits of the BREEAM Assessment and prove compliance with the appropriate regulatory, local authority and/or client standards;
  • Producing clear, concise reports of the test results, along with our analysis and interpretation of the measurements;
  • Providing solutions to resolve any identified noise or vibration issues, including in relation to the Design section credits of the BREEAM Assessment.

BREEAM sound testing

BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) is the leading, most widely used environmental assessment method for buildings, including Courts, Industrial, Hotels, Retail, Prisons and Multi-residential buildings.

A BREEAM Assessment uses recognised measures of performance to evaluate a building's specification, design, construction and use. The measures used represent a wide range of categories and criteria, including noise.

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