Travel Corridors - Road, Rail or Air Transport

With development land in short supply, many sites that are, or have the potential to be, developed are affected by noise from transport corridors, whether that be road, rail or air transport.

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Why do you need Adnitt Acoustics for this industry?
  • There are a lot of sites affected by noise from transport corridors
  • It can mean your property is left underdeveloped
  • Planning permission is always more difficult with transport noise
Services / Surveys, Testing & Monitoring / Travel Corridors - Road, Rail or Air Transport

The effect of travel corridor noise and vibration on a development site is measured in a four-step process:

  • Measurement of the existing travel corridor noise and vibration
  • Assessment and prediction into the effect of change on the flow of transport
  • Advising the design team on mitigation of transport noise and vibration impact
  • Achieving desired targets through coordination with design and construction teams.

Our noise survey and environmental impact assessment services include:

  • A conditions survey to measure and assess the current acoustic conditions
  • Sound tests to achieve the relevant acoustic credits of the BREEAM Assessment and prove compliance with the appropriate regulatory, local authority and/or client standards
  • Clear, oncise reports of the test results, our analysis and interpretation of the measurements
  • Solutions to resolve any identified noise or vibration issues, including design review and advice

Additional surveys, tests and monitoring may need to be carried out. For example, an Environmental Impact Assessment may require a more detailed study to be carried out overan extended period of time.

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