Noise at Work

Adnitt Acoustics has a wealth of experience in noise issues across all sectors, including all types of music and entertainment venues.

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We can help by:
  • Carrying out on-site measurements
  • Generating noise action plans
  • Advising on appropriate mitigation methods for all environments where the Noise at Work regulations apply

Our unwavering aim is to provide practical recommendations that match with the operational reality of the working environment. We always take into account access, safety, and economic considerations.

The Noise at Work Regulations 2005 manage noise levels in the workplace. The regulations came into force in 2006 for most industries and 2008 for the music and entertainment sectors.

Employers are required to carry out a noise assessment and take appropriate action in any workplace where employees may be exposed to excessive noise levels.

The emphasis of the noise assessment for Noise at Work regulations is on reducing noise levels, with hearing protection being a last resort.

Noise levels can be reduced through machinery modifications, working pattern changes, building structure modifications, or other advised technical changes.

Noise at work regulations for the music and entertainment sectors means license holders and operators of live music venues, nightclubs, and even relatively small bars, may have an obligation to carry out a Noise at Work assessment.

The Health and Safety Executive have supported guidance aimed at improvements within the Workplace Noise Consultancy industry and you can download this guidance here HSE Buyer's Guide

Adnitt Acoustics fulfil all the requirements of this Buyer's Guide for Consultants as summarised below, which also shows the information we would need from you. Examples of our work are here.

An executive summary for ease of understanding
A list of practical measures that you can implement to both reduce risk posed to your employees by exposure to noise and improve compliance
Adnitt Acoustics
You should make sure the consultant is competent to do the work
You should provide suitable information to help the consultant do their job
Tell them if you need a noise survey or advice on control or both
Give them information about the work that you do, staff numbers and  rolls, equipment operating and any areas where access may be difficult
Issue your site safety requirements for visiting contractors (e.g. time required for induction, PPE requirements)
Issue details of your existing hearing protection, “buy quiet scheme” and health surveillance
Provide a floorplan showing the location of equipment and noisy  processes
Issue copies of any previous noise surveys you have had completed
Are they qualified to measure and assess workplace noise?
Are they a member of a professional body? Adnitt  are members of ANC
If advice on control is to be provided can they show that they have a suitable level of experience
Examples of previous reports or examples of good work – see case studies on website
To help you complete the risk assessment you need specific details regarding your employees’ noise exposure. Check the report will include:
What your employee’s exposure levels are in relation to the action and  limit values stated in the noise at work regulations
Advice on if you need to provide health surveillance
The required performance of any hearing protection you may need give to your employees and/or an assessment of existing hearing protection used
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