Testing and controlling vibration

Vibration can be felt in any type of building and environment, from residential and commercial buildings to factory and distribution sites.

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What sites are most effected by vibration issues?
  • Residential/commercial buildings
  • Factories
  • Distribution sites
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If the source of vibration isn't identified and the levels are not reduced or eliminated altogether:

  • Vibration can cause building damage;
  • Prolonged exposure to vibration can be uncomfortable and/or unpleasant within the work place;
  • High levels of vibration can lead to circulatory health problems;
  • Unchecked levels of vibration can, for example, cause:
  • Malfunctions in delicate healthcare machinery, medical equipment and sensitive procedures;
  • Problems in very fine manufacturing environments.

Because there are many types and sources of vibration, how vibration is assessed is very much dependent on the actual situation in hand.

In order to identify and assess the level of vibration in any situation, we would:

  • Ascertain what the likely source of vibration is and assess the potential effect;
  • Use the appropriate calibrated vibration measurement equipment to quantify the levels of vibration present;
  • Carry out a risk assessment analysis using these quantified measurements;
  • Provide recommendations to address any areas of concern and mitigate problematic vibration levels.

Whilst we provide vibration survey, testing and/or monitoring services for a whole host of different projects and reasons, we more commonly get involved:

  • As part of the planning application process where noise and vibration measurements are taken simultaneously;
  • When a proposed development site is near to a significant vibration source such as underground or overground railway lines.
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