Room acoustics for cafes, restaurants, lecture halls etc.

In any facility where large numbers of people gather and need to clearly understand some form of communication, performance, or music, good quality room acoustics are crucial.

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Building services system noise requirements are usually monitored by:
  • Planning conditions for external noise which may also include BREEAM requirements for credits
  • Client or BREEAM internal noise requirements
Services / Surveys, Testing & Monitoring / Room acoustics for cafes, restaurants lecture halls etc.

    Good room acoustics greatly impact the atmosphere of a space. From entertainment venues to conference rooms, places of worship to cafés/restaurants, there are many spaces where good room acoustics are of considerable benefit.

    Involving Adnitt Acoustics early in the design process allows us to create unique solutions that match with the designers vision by:

    • Advising on acoustic design solutions which integrate the designers concept and aesthetic
    • Working sympathetically with other design team members

    Equally, it is possible to improve room acoustics within existing facilities by:

    • Monitoring and testing reverberation times, echoes, and other     measures of speech and sound quality
    • Advising on design based on the investigation of room finishes and geometry using acoustic modelling techniques

    Whether starting from scratch or improving an existing structure, Adnitt Acoustics offer a wide range of services for the design and improvement of room acoustics.

    Completing projects such as South Hampstead Synagogue allowed us to explore creative and design based solutions for different types of projects. Combining our experience, knowledge, and education, we develop excellent room acoustics for projects from small-scale dwellings to large-scale commercial and industrial institutions.

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