Construction noise or other temporary/short-term activity

The primary method for measuring disturbance from construction noise/other temporaryshort-term activity is testing and monitoring site noise, vibration and dust.

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Activities can affect physical thresholds, we tackle this by monitoring...
  • Measuring disturbance from construction noise/other temporary short-term activities.
  • Disturbance in your neighbourhood.
  • Testing and monitoring site noise, vibration.
Services / Surveys, Testing & Monitoring / Construction noise or other temporary/short-term activity
    To help keep construction noise, vibration and dust levels under control, we provide management plans, monitoring, and control measures which include:
    • Reviewing the performance of products and systems
    • Witnessing laboratory or mock up testing
    • Monitoring construction by inspection andchange review
    • Addressing unforeseen weaknesses in workmanship
    • Conducting advance construction, pre-completion and final compliance testing
    • Review of test outcomes and advice on remedial work

    Adnitt Acoustics provides a variety of surveying, testing, and monitoring solutions for construction noise and/or other temporary activity. We are commonly involved as part of the Planning Application process, and bring our years of experience to each project.

    This monitoring and management forms a critical part of successful completion. Tests can be carried out at a single location or at several locations linked wirelessly.

    To prevent disruption and/or legal action as a result of construction noise, contractors can:

    • Test and monitor acoustic levels to demonstrate demolition and     construction work is being carried out in-line with Local Authority requirements or pre-works agreements, sometimes known as Section 61 agreements.
    • Manage on-site construction noise and vibration using real-time alarms and audio recordings. The live text and email alert warnings are based on a number of pre-set trigger levels which enable us to identify the source and precise time of the noise and you to take quick remedial action when and where necessary.

    If you have already been served a Section 60 notice or injunction, or have been threatened with one, we can help you overcome the issue and get your project back on track.

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