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Our role in the project

First involved in the project through the building owner, we were invited to undertake an assessment for planning. Included within the project was the conversion of an existing Zurich office building and the construction of a seven-storey extension. Following the planning award, we were appointed by the contractor due to our initial involvement. We carried out a noise survey including extended noise measurements of the nearest entertainment venue, this being a nightclub opposite the accommodation.

The build was required to comply with the regulations laid out in Approved Document E and the standards provided by the local planning authority; specific consideration was also given to the noise from the nightclub opposite.

Specific considerations

The main challenge facing this project was the noise emanating from the nightclub opposite. There was also the need to maintain a natural ventilation system as the nbuilding could not support a mechanical ventilation system.

The size of the project also required specific consideration; with over one thousand bedrooms, copious amounts of sound testing were involved to check compliance with set standards throughout the build.

Alongside the opposing nightclub, the main road also runs alongside the building meaning there was the potential for traffic noise intrusion.

Acoustic features of this project

To resolve the noise from the adjacent nightclub and road, we provided detailed design work and predictions for the acoustic performance of the glazing, façade, walls and floors.

A key role of the façade was it’s high-performance capabilities and alongside a thorough assessment of the glazing products on the market, we were able to find a product which worked well in this setting. This allowed for reduced external noise intrusion.

Further design and prediction work went into the selection of a natural ventilation system, so as the ventilation did not compromise the internal acoustic environment. The agreed-upon ventilation strategy made use of high performance ‘trickle’ ventilators above the windows.


Through conducting a full review of the available options, completing in-depth research of products on the market and a thorough assessment of noise sources, Adnitt Acoustics were able to provide a comprehensive consultancy service. We left no stone unturned in our search for the best available products.

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