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Our Role in the Project

Having previously worked with Project Manager Gardiner and Theobald, we were contacted by them regarding work on this project. Following the initial desktop assessment, we established the sound insulation of the existing structure by using our PA system to generate high levels of music and noise, which were then measured throughout the building.

We pride ourselves on our strong communication with clients and at the start of the project presented three levels of potential music performance sound level to them; the mid-range of these was the most practicable and would allow for a small to medium-sized band playing on stage. Following design development with the design team, we carried out inspection visits during construction and witnessed the sound insulation and reverberation tests carried out by contractors and consultants.

Specific considerations

There were several challenges that we had to overcome throughout this project. They included;

  • Modification of an old building, previously modified several times before, meaning we couldn’t be sure of the construction until an area had been stripped out
  • A live music venue hosting bands at a loud volume with bedrooms directly above
  • The cafe is open to the reception area, and the reception being in operation at all times, including during events
  • Reverberation management in the cafe which didn’t conflict with the designer’s aesthetic concept
  • As the hotel was open throughout the process, construction noise had to be contained

We resolved these challenges using modern solutions and our thorough knowledge of the industry; the sound insulation challenges were addressed by using a hidden acoustic barrier ceiling and linings for structural columns, the reverberation time was managed with a spray-on treatment in different colours, and during construction, a temporary wall was built between the worksite and reception area.

Acoustic features of this project

By using these specialist acoustic features, the Hard Rock Cafe could be operational and practical within the middle of an operating hotel. The London Hard Rock Hotel went on to win the Best Bar/Club Lounge (Europe) at the International Hotel and Property Awards, demonstrating our ability to manage sound levels whilst adhering to the interior designer’s aesthetic concept for a quiet and stylish building.

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