Braeholm, Helensburgh


Panacrea (Scotland) Ltd


Residential Housing


Helensburgh, Scotland



Our role in the project

  • Carrying out benchmarking sound insulation tests to understand how the existing walls and floors performed
  • Establishing the level of improvement needed to the existing acoustic environment to meet building standards
  • Establishing the acoustic specification of the separating walls and floors
  • Advising on the use of a new twin frame stud system and independent ceiling

Specific considerations

The age of both the historic and modern elements of the building presented several challenges including limitations on how the existing historic building fabric could be modified to achieve the required sound insulation and restrictive room size in the modern extension.  

Due to the quiet location of the project the focus of the acoustic design was to reduce noise transfer between the apartments.

Acoustic features of this project

To control noise transfer between apartments, we advised on the use of independent walls, floors and ceilings where possible. This was a challenge in the modern extension as the room size was significantly smaller than that of the historic section; there was less space for the inclusion of the separate structures but a higher need for them due to the proximity of each apartment.  

To combat this we adapted the design, allowing the new wall partitions to act as a support for the separate ceiling with additional supporting structure. Between the walls we advised the use of a twin frame stud system and using existing separating walls with independent linings.  

We also specified a new independent ceiling in both elements of the building to the separating floors and creating a new floating floor to help reduce impact noise.  

Finally, we undertook sound insulation tests at the end of the project as required by Building Standards. All the walls and floors achieved above the minimum requirements and our report was submitted for Building Standards sign off.

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