Ibis Hotel


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Our role in the project

Based in central Brighton, this project was the redevelopment of a site and involved the demolition of an old casino before the building of a new 140-bed Ibis Hotel. Initially involved via our pre-existing professional relationship with McAleer & Rushe during Stage 3 Developed Design, we conducted surveys to assess the level of traffic noise from the busy road outside and monitored noise levels during demolition.

As a requirement of Brighton & Hove City Council, we provided a noise and vibration impact assessment of potential demolition noise and vibration levels. Furthermore, we were involved in setting environmental noise emission limits relating to new plant equipment on the building which required further liaison with the council.

Specific considerations

The location of the hotel provided a number of unique challenges, as did the regulations to which the build must comply. Based in central Brighton, next to a train station and mbusy main road, it was crucial that the bedrooms were protected from noise intrusion. Alongside traffic noise, mechanical services noise from the plant equipment on the building also had to be restricted.

Acoustic features of this project

Noise intrusion in the bedrooms was resolved through the use of high-quality acoustic glazing combined with an effective mechanical ventilation system - the ventilation system ensured windows could stay closed so as not to compromise the effectiveness of the acoustic glazing.

Adnitt Acoustics are well equipped to provide these services due to our diligence and creative problem solving. With our signature creative and bespoke technique, we were pleased the building met the regulations.

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