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Our role in the project

We have worked on a number of Premier Inn hotel design and builds, providing a range of acoustic services.

Every Premier Inn project has its own particular acoustic challenges depending on the location and, therefore, the existing ambient noise climate.

Specific considerations

  • Stringent client acoustic standards
  • Aircraft, rail and road traffic noise and vibration
  • Noise from mechanical ventilation

Acoustic features of this project

Some of the acoustic challenges that we have addressed for Premier Inn hotels include:

  • Aircraft noise;
  • Existing external mechanical plant noise intrusion;
  • High external traffic noise from busy trunk roads and/or motorways;
  • Incorporating the required high performance glass* into a converted building;
  • Noise and vibration transfer from underground train tunnels;
  • Bedrooms that overlook streets with high levels of activity into the early hours of the morning;
  • Bedrooms next to a nightclub and limited by an existing building façade that has to be retained.

*The high performance acoustic glazing specified by Premier Inn also requires inherently noisy mechanical ventilation. To overcome this, we:

  • Test noise levels throughout the day and night;
  • Use noise modelling techniques to calculate noise levels on different façades;
  • Recommend where the amount of mechanical ventilation can be reduced.

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