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Our Role in the Project

Managing the acoustics throughout the hotel development is vital in order to maintain the impression of a luxury facility which provides both relaxation and excitement. An appropriate sense of involvement in the public spaces is equally as important as privacy and comfort in the bedrooms. There were also the high standards set by the client, Hyatt Hotels Corporation, and local Spanish regulatory requirements to be met.

Specific Considerations

  • Meeting Spanish acoustic technical standards
  • Sourcing local acoustic products

Acoustic Features of this Project

To meet the Hyatt’s exacting standards set by The Hyatt International Technical Service (H.I.T.S) Minimum Acoustical Performance Matrix, as well as the new acoustic technical code of the local Balearic authority:

  • Cavity walls with predominantly hollow clay bricks were used for the bedroom and public walls, requiring locally available acoustic products to be researched;
  • Specific internal finishes to control reverberation in the restaurants were specified, in collaboration with the interior designer;
  • Sound insulation tests on an advance construction set of rooms were taken so that:
  • Any noise leakage issues could be resolved early on without causing any undue delay or additional costs to be incurred.
  • A ‘gold standard’ for the remaining construction was also set and confirmation given to the client that the required sound insulation is being achieved.

DSA Architects International won the Best Hotel Architecture Spain award for Park Hyatt Mallorca at the International Property Awards – Europe 2016.

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