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Our role in the project

We provided advice on the measures to be undertaken to meet the requirements of The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005.  

The initial steps we took included carrying out noise measurements during a cycle of work (from unpacking and preparing equipment to packing away after task completion) and observing different operations. Following this, we could then work out the ‘daily dose’ of noise exposure and relate this information back to the regulations and advise on changes accordingly.

The advice we proposed was as follows;

● Specifying mitigation requirements to be in line with regulations

● The use of ear protectors as a requirement in some areas

● Adapting the working pattern to reduce noise exposure in some areas

● Taking action to reduce the noise level of the machines used

Specific considerations

We identified the following different working areas; goods in, blast cabinets, blasting area, spraying, masking, super polishing, blending, and diffusion/dispatch/inspection.  

Due to the nature of the work there were some areas where it was not possible to directly measure the noise environment, such as inside the blast cabinets and the spraying booth, due to the damage and impact the activity would have on the measuring equipment. To resolve this issue, we created an estimate of the interior noise level by measuring the exterior noise level and calculating the insulating impact the material would have on this. In both cases, we recommended the use of ear protectors during use.

Acoustic features of this project

By measuring the initial nose environment and speaking with operators on the floor we were able to build up a thorough understanding of the workings undertaken within the factory. From here, we were able to advise on effective routes to meeting regulation standards. In doing so, we enabled a suitable working environment.  

We have experience in various different types of noise at work situations and can apply this experience to meeting various different noise at work challenges. With consultants being members of the Institute of Acoustics and able to be flexible in the delivery of testing services, we were able to provide practical solutions to meet regulation.

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