Hampton by Hilton Stanstead


McAleer & Rushe




Stansted Airport



Our role in the project

Through our ongoing relationship with McAleer & Rushe, we were invited to be a part of this project. The initial assessment we undertook required us to review the developer’s original noise survey; it had been carried out under poor conditions of rain and snow and as a result, we decided the best course of action was to carry out a new noise survey under more appropriate conditions. The noise survey was then used to develop an external façade.

The project was required to comply with local authority planning requirements, building regulations and the hotel operator’s brand standard requirements.

Specific considerations

The very nature of the airport hotel presents a clear acoustic challenge; 360º of acoustic interference from the turning circle, runway and landing strip to the adjacent railway line and main road on the opposite side of the hotel.

The following noise sources had to be considered during the design and construction;

  • Aeroplanes during take-off and landing
  • The busy commuter railway line
  • The adjacent main road to the drop-off point
  • Mechanical plant noise emissions within hotel bedrooms and at the nearest noise sensitive premises

Acoustic features of this project

External noise provided the main challenge of this project. Key to minimising noise interference in the bedrooms was the external façade system which we helped design and develop in conjunction with acoustic specialists in the Netherlands.

We witnessed laboratory tests of the proposed façade system in Zwolle, the Netherlands, accompanied by the façade contractor’s site manager. When satisfied, we carefully controlled and monitored the installation of the façade system on site.

Following completion, we measured noise levels within the bedrooms and at the nearest noise sensitive premises to check compliance.


Through Adnitt Acoustics’ due diligence and pragmatic approach, we helped develop a comprehensive set of solutions to the multifaceted sources of acoustic interference. By applying engineering principles to solve an acoustic problem, we demonstrated how our experience, knowledge and expertise of acoustics leads to bespoke solutions rather than off-the-shelf ideas.

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