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Our role in the project

Our initial assessment of the structure involved taking measurements to work out where the source of the issue was. We measured vibration levels in the floor, plate and screw, as well as methodically shutting off different pieces of equipment to narrow down the source of vibration. From these tests, we concluded the issue stemmed from pieces of equipment attached to the screw.

We assisted with the following;

  • Assessment and investigation to find the vibration source
  • Providing advice to reduce the impact of vibration on the equipment

Based on our investigation, we advised introducing a flexible break into the screw casing which was to also be capable of withstanding high temperatures. We also proposed the installation of a suitable anti-vibration pad on the bottom of the frame support legs.

Specific considerations

The measurement of equipment vibration levels rather than sound was the main feature of this project. As a result of this, we had to consider;

  • The bespoke nature of the equipment required research and methodical testing to diagnose the issue
  • The suggestion of solutions which enabled the equipment to continue working efficiently
  • Applying transferable experience from previous projects and using problem solving skills to provide mitigation techniques

Acoustic features of this project

Following our investigation we advised on including a soft break, durable to high temperatures, in the screw casing to lessen the effects of the vibration. We came to this conclusion through methodical testing and investigation, with our results pointing to an issue with the equipment surrounding the screw. By mitigating the vibration levels around the screw, we hypothesised it would enable the base loading cell to measure the amounts of chalk passing through more accurately.

Adnitt Acoustics are well equipped to provide investigation and diagnostic services. We have the tools and expertise to methodically solve problems including equipment vibration, the experience required to make evidence-based conclusions and advice on appropriate solutions.

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