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Our role in the project

The aim of this project was to develop a new Arts & 6th Form block for Cheam School, an independent fee-paying school. As an addition to the other buildings on-site, the new block was built on the site of a demolished sports hall. Included in the building are a multi-purpose assembly hall, design technology workshops, and art teaching rooms.

The build was required to comply with BB93 school acoustic standards and we carried out pre-completion testing to check this was met.

Specific considerations

As the project was for a school and had to comply with BB93 school acoustic standards, we had to consider nearby noise sources. Natural ventilation systems throughout the building provided a challenging environment in which to reduce exterior noise.

We measured noise intrusion into the classrooms from the nearby busy A-road to investigate how the ventilation system affected acoustic integrity. We also had to consider the design for sound insulation between classrooms for the walls and floors, and reverberation control for the classrooms and assembly hall.

Acoustic features of the project

With the goal of providing sustainable indoor climate control, natural ventilation systems were incorporated into the design of the building, however, this compromised the acoustic integrity of the space. We provided an acoustic treatment for the systems meaning natural ventilation could be used, thus encouraging sustainability.

As a means to control reverberation, we advised on the installation of suspended ceiling panels as visible in the adjacent image.

The walls and floor presented an opportunity for acoustic interference from adjacent classrooms. To minimise this, we recommended appropriate systems and carried out checks to oversee installation.

Keen to provide the best possible facilities for this local school, we spent time thoroughly assessing the needs of the school. We developed bespoke solutions to acoustic challenges and we are proud to be involved in the development of this new educational facility.

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