Norbury Park Wood Products Noise at Work Investigation


Norbury Park Wood Products




Mickleham, Surrey


Industrial & Transport

Noise at Work

Our role in the project

The company is an active sawmill and fully functional wood workshop that specialises in producing a range of high quality outdoor and countryside furniture using traditional skills, techniques and inherently noisy equipment.

We were commissioned to carry out a Noise at Work Assessment.

Specific considerations

  • Inherently noisy mechanical equipment;
  • Noise at Work regulations

Acoustic features of this project

Each piece of equipment was tested whilst it was being used, with both the noise source and noise measurements fully documented. These measurements were then analysed alongside the employee schedule of a typical daily work pattern, from which we calculated the noise exposure for each employee.

From these findings, we made practical recommendations of required actions with regards to:

  • Time spent working on each piece of equipment;
  • Exposure to noise from the equipment;
  • Working patterns;
  • Hearing protection.

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