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Our role in the project

As all new Premier Inn hotels have to:

Meet stringent brand-specific acoustic standards in order to deliver Premier Inn's Good Night Guarantee and;

Comply with country-specific acoustic regulations.

To achieve this we;

  • Conducted ambient noise surveys;
  • Provided noise and vibration design advice;
  • Undertook in-depth acoustic commissioning tests in compliance with:
  • Section 5 of the Building Standards Technical Handbook 2013;
  • Premier Inn specifications.

Specific considerations

  • Rigorous client acoustic standards
  • Local road traffic noise
  • Noise from mechanical ventilation
  • BREEAM acoustic criteria

Acoustic features of this project

By being involved in the early design stage, we were able to address a number of acoustic challenges which included:

  • External traffic noise from the busy East Market Street and Cranston Street;
  • Noise intrusion from external mechanical plant equipment;
  • Incorporating the required high performance glass* into the design and materials specification;
  • Bedrooms that overlook streets with high levels of activity into the early hours of the morning.

*The high performance acoustic glazing specified by Premier Inn also requires inherently noisy mechanical ventilation. To overcome this, we:

  • Tested noise levels throughout the day and night;
  • Used noise modelling techniques to calculate noise levels on different façades;
  • Recommended how the noise from mechanical ventilation can be reduced where required.

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