IBIS Brighton

Client: McAleer & Rushe

  • RIBA Stages
    • 3: Developed Design
    • 4: Technical Design
    • 5: Construction
    • 6: Handover and Close Out

What we did

This project was the redevelopment of a site in Central Brighton involving the demolition of an old casino building and the building of a new French-owned Ibis Hotel.

Prior to this new 140-bed hotel being built, our remit was to:

  • Conduct site noise surveys to assess the level of traffic noise that would affect the new hotel
  • Provide a noise and vibration impact assessment of potential demolition noise and vibration levels to meet Brighton & Hove City Council’s planning requirements;
  • Set environmental noise emission limits relating to new plant equipment on the building; Liaise with Brighton & Hove Council;
  • Monitor noise levels during demolition.

During the construction phase, we also:

  • Advised on the acoustic design of the 9-story mid-range hotel development
  • Conducted a series of sound insulation and pre-completion tests to comply with the hotel operators’ specifications and the current building regulations.

This IBIS Hotel Brighton project is just one of the many McAleer & Rushe hotel projects that we have worked on through the detailed design, construction and completion stages.

Acoustic features of this project

We had to work to both British and ACCOR French building regulations and standards, meeting the more rigid of the two requirements involving:

  • Reverberation in restaurants and bedrooms;
  • Sound insulation between rooms and across doors;
  • The level of traffic noise that could be heard in the bedrooms; and,
  • Noise from mechanical services.

The project team

Architect: Stride Treglown
Main Contractor: McAleer & Rushe
Acoustics: Adnitt Acoustics

Specific Considerations

  • Achieving British and ACCOR French building regulations
  • Road traffic noise intrusion
  • Mechanical services noise

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