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Client: Leadbetter Construction

  • RIBA Stages
    • 3: Developed Design
    • 4: Technical Design
    • 5: Construction
    • 6: Handover and Close Out

What we did

The £10.4m Welsh Assembly Government funded See 3D Visualisation Centre at Aberystwyth University is a specialist facility that enables small businesses to turn their ideas into reality using 3D visualisation technology.

The Centre includes three state-of-the-art visualisation theatres and a number of studios, each with high powered computer equipment for the visual simulation of computer gaming and virtual reality products. There are also fully managed facilities including offices and a conference room.

Our remit was to advise the architect design team and develop an acoustic design that maximised both:

  • Sound insulation, and;
  • Reverberation control.

Acoustic features of this project

Sound insulation between spaces and controlling reverberation within rooms was critical in order for the virtual simulations to be realistic. Each of the visual studios needed to be isolated from one another and work independently.

Our acoustic design plan therefore:

  • Specified the required noise and vibration levels for optimum performance in the theatre and each of the studios;
  • Recommended the constructions to achieve these performance levels, including the:
    • Percentage of wall areas in the visualisation theatres which was to be covered by acoustic absorption panels in given locations;
    • Requirements of the conference room ceiling tiles to enhance the use of the conferencing space.

The project team

Architect: boysrees architects
Main Contractor: HBG Construction
Acoustics: Adnitt Acoustics

Specific Considerations

  • Natural speech intelligibility was critical
  • Cost effective design of an educational facility

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