CPD Seminars on acoustics

In the architecture and design of buildings, acoustics is an essential consideration. Unfortunately, this complex and fascinating subject is often misunderstood and overlooked. To help demystify this subject, Adnitt Acoustics hold a number of free 1-hour interactive CPD seminars each year

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Our seminars are for architects, designers, specifiers, and staff managers who want to;
  • a) inform themselves of current developments in best acoustic practice issues and solutions
  • b) gain answers to specific questions they may have, and  
  • c) clarify key points in the impact of noise and vibration.  
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Our seminars

The content of our seminars can be highly tailored to the requirements of those attending. We also cover detailed design issues in specific industry areas in follow-up presentations.

Questions related to specific projects attendees are currently working on are welcomed during and after a seminar.

During these seminars, we typically cover:

  • Basic principles of acoustics
  • Current standards and regulations
  • The issues and challenges: what the common problems are
  • Good vs. poor acoustic and noise management: the implications and long-term benefits of good noise and vibration management
  • Examples of best practice: what to do and the long-term benefits
  • The options: determining the best course of action for you

CPD presentations are typically held at lunchtime, at a location of your choice, and with a buffet sandwich lunch provided by Adnitt Acoustics.  

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