One Hove Park

Client: Denne Construction

  • RIBA Stages
    • 5: Construction

What we did

One Hove Park is a Hyde Housing £9m new build residential development of 200+ units on Old Shoreham Road in Hove, Brighton.

Our remit in this project was to monitor construction noise, vibration and dust emissions over the 20-month construction period. For this, we:

  • Specified and obtained all necessary equipment to remotely monitor noise, vibration and dust levels;
  • Installed and set up this live monitoring equipment;
  • Captured the noise, vibration and dust emission data on a weekly basis over a cloud server;
  • Used alarms and triggers levels set so that when noise, vibration or dust limits were breached, alarms were triggered in Adnitt Acoustics’ office and the project’s Site Manager was immediately informed;
  • Produced monthly reports of this measured data until the construction stage was finished.

Acoustic features of this project

The state-of-the-art communication equipment that we used throughout the duration of this project meant that we could:

  • Conduct construction noise, vibration and dust monitoring off-site;
  • Monitor emission levels in real time using sound level meters linked to Twitter;
  • Report any breach in data levels as it happens so that the Site Manager could resolve any problems there and then, not 2 weeks later after the event.

This live reporting helps make meeting Local Authority regulatory requirements for such a large scale project much more cost effective for the client.

The project team

Architect: Yelo Architects
Main Contractor: Denne Construction
Acoustics: Adnitt Acoustics

Specific Considerations

  • Monitoring of build areas in a cost effective way
  • Confirming compliance with Local Authority environmental limits

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