Acoustic services for hotels

From budget hotels to premium luxury hotels, whether owned by a large chain or an independent operator, effective noise control is vital to any hotel's success as a business. There’s no point in building or renovating hotels that no-one wants to stay in or use!

Hotel guests expect a good night’s sleep. They also expect the best ambience in the hotel’s restaurants, private dining rooms, ballrooms and conference suites. Yet problems frequently arise, from traffic noise in busy urban areas to noise between interconnecting rooms.

Whatever the hotel's size, noise and vibration effects related to both people and the buildings must be considered throughout the design and build stages.

Controlling noise in your hotel

We can not only help you fulfil your regulatory and planning acoustic obligations, we can also help you meet the often rigorous noise and vibration requirements set by the hotel operator themselves. We do this by:

  • Planning: Carrying out the necessary noise surveys and providing jargon-free reports for you to submit as part of your planning application to meet national and local authority planning requirements;
  • Design: Providing design advice, particularly where noise breakout issues to the surrounding neighbourhood and other hotel rooms must be addressed;
  • Testing: Conducting the appropriate testing* to comply with BREEAM and Building Control Approved Document Erequirements specifically for hotel room use, as well as any standards imposed by the hotel owner for noise break in and separation between bedrooms.

Drawing on our extensive experience of a wide range of hotel projects, combined with our in-depth knowledge of the technical specifications of most of the major hotel operators, our acoustic consultants can help you achieve all your required acoustic levels in a timely, practical and cost effective manner.

* Adnitt Acoustics are a Registered Testing Organisation for the hotel industry within the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) Scheme

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