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A noisy reception
Robert Adnitt

There appears to be a trend in office fit outs for client and executive meeting rooms to be located directly off the main reception area. Presumably there are good reasons for this; visitors not having to walk through back office areas, security, and ease of servicing may be among them. Despite these valid justifications, there are a few potential pitfalls to this growing trend.

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Is noise, or silence, important in healthcare?
Robert Adnitt

The Care Quality Commission 2009 Survey of Patients in NHS Hospitals revealed that patients' experiences had deteriorated or not improved with regard to noise. A higher proportion of patients were bothered by noise at night from hospital staff There has been no improvement since 2008 in patients being bothered by noise at night from other patients This is only one aspect of noise (acoustics) in Healthcare. With high background noise levels on wards, alarm signals may be missed, communication can be difficult and the recuperative benefits of sleep may not be fully realised. Whilst the so [ ... ]

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Congratulations Motability
Robert Adnitt

The refurbishment of the Motability Bristol office won the British Council of Offices 2014 Fit Out of Workplace Regional Award for South West, Thames Valley & South Wales. The Fit Out of Workplace category awards a space, or spaces, within a building that demonstrates a high quality of interior fit-out. We are delighted to have been involved in both the Bristol office refurbishment project and the refurbishment of the Motability London office, working alongside Area Squared, AWW Architects and M&E Engineers, Foreman Roberts. Further details of Motability's acoustic requirem [ ... ]

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Is noise relevant in sustainable development?
Robert Adnitt

Sustainable development discussions are often conducted exclusively in terms of saving energy and minimising carbon emissions, whether as direct effects from the specific project or in terms of embedded effects in materials. However, Health and Wellbeing is seen as a fundamental part of sustainable development, to the extent that the BREEAM appraisal method specifically rates these aspects. Noise is seen within this framework as having an adverse effect on health and good acoustic design is rewarded by the awarding of credits towards an overall rating. Noise has also been highlighted by the C [ ... ]

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